Engineering Services

  • technical advice,
  • development of concepts,
  • construction of machinery, equipment and items,
  • 3D modeling and creation of assemblies,
  • assembly and executive documentation of details,
  • Kinematic analysis of mechanisms,
  • strength analysis - FEM calculations,
  • solutions visualization.
Product Design

  • analysis of customer needs and product analysis (determination of its functions, the field of application and target audience),
  • development of product concept sketches,
  • 3D model visualization of the selected concept of the external shape of the product,
  • product design - creating assembly of components and design of technical solutions,
  • strength calculations for key elements (FEM + validation), together with the optimization of the shape,
  • detailed technical documentation (assembly and parts working drawings),
  • graphic development of the product and its packaging.
Our company is a partner of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia
Framework agreement for cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology